Niu Mini.

Got the itch to make a new board, and I've been interested in trying a 40% for a while. Wasn't quite so keen on an orthlinear, but when I noticed that the Niu Mini was available again I thought I'd give that a try too.

The outcome: So quick to build, so slow to write about.

My fingers do not know how to use this board. Every Tab comes out as a Esc.

This is a sentencve that I wrote withoit using bacvkspave,

Coding is even worse; where is the { key again?



Nothing very exciting about the build. Super quick to put together, and as my third build I did a much cleaner job.

Niu Mini.

Niu Mini.

Niu Mini.


One of the things that was a must for me with this build was being supported by QMK.

Link to commit containing my layout

My layout is inspired by being a mixture of quite standard for a 40%, and being easy for me to come over to from the layout I created for 60% on my first board.